Frequently Asked Questions

When and where are meetings held?

Please see our website (Township Government tab) for a complete meeting schedule or review each committee's tab. All meetings are held at the Bedminster Township Police Department building located at 3112 Bedminster Road, Bedminster, PA and are open to the public.

Dead animal on the road

Remove on your own, or try Game Commission at 610-926-3136.

Horse/Livestock/Chicken Regulations

Personal use: must have minimum lot area of 5 acres. Animal density: 2 Animal Equivalent Units Per Acre (1,000 lbs = 1 unit) Intensive agricultural or business uses require a minimum of 10 acres. Livestock includes poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks etc), cattle, horses, ponies, donkies, mules, hogs, sheep, goats, rabbits, hares and bees, and other animals not customarily kept as household pets.  A1 General Farming use is not permitted in the VR-1 zoning district.

What projects require a permit?

Bedminster Township is a zoned community. Most of all activites require a permit. Below are examples of activites that would require permits. If you should not see a certain example, please contact the building/zoning office at 215-249-3320 to question whether a permit is required. All applications can be found under the Township website Public Services tab. Each application comes with a memo to answer questions about submission requirements. Please keep in mind any activity started with first receiving permits could result in increased permit fees, costly changes, and other administrative action. Starting October 22, 2014, permits are no longer required for roof replacement on residential structures, as long as there are no structural repairs involved.

Building permit required: Structural repair or replacements, fireplace, heating or air conditioning replacement, plumbing alteration, roof replacement for commerical buildings, roof mounted solar arrays

Zoning permit required: Patio, fence, demolition, home, commercial or industrial business uses, Timber harvest, signs, sheds less than 500 square feet, sewage system, well, driveway.

Both Zoning and Building permit: New buildings (including but not limited to houses, garages, pole barns), additions, swimming pools, spa or hot tub over 24" in depth, sheds over 500 sq. feet, decks, finished basements, interior alterations, backup generators, ground mount solar arrays. Stormwater Management permit: Required for any project that proposes 1,000 square feet or more of new impervious surface.

**Effective December 3rd, 2015, all projects (both commercial and residential) that involve electrical work: Electrical plans must be submitted at the time of application with an approval stamp from a third party electrical underwriter**

Contact one of the following electrical inspection companies:

Code Inspections Inc: 215-672-9400

Commonwealth Code Inspections: 610-692-6762

Mid-Atlantic Inspections Inc: 215-322-2626

United Inspection Agency: 215-542-9977

How long does it take to get a permit?

There are several variables that could delay a permit such as: the submission is incomplete or unclear and approvals from outside regulatory agencies (i.e. DEP, Bucks County Health Dept., Bucks County Conservation District etc.) that are not included. Permits are reviewed on a first come first serve basis. The building/zoning office makes every effort to review completed submissions and issue permits within one to three weeks of submission, depending on work load.


Through private hauler, or at the Township Public Works Garage, 9 Creek Road (corner of Kellers Church and Creek Roads), please see website (Public Services tab) for a compete list of recyclables accepted at the drop off location.

Dog Complaints

Contact the State Dog Warden, Verna North at 215-453-0272

Trash Collection

Trash collection is through private trash haulers. The township does not provide trash collection or disposal.

Voting Locations

Bedminster is comprised of two separate voting districts, east and west. Polls are open Election Day from 7:00AM to 8:00PM. Bedminster East District (#1 on map) polling place is Deep Run East Mennonite Church, 350 Kellers Church Road, Perkasie PA 18944. Bedminster West District (#2 on map) polling place is Deep Run Presbyterian Church, 16 Irish Meeting House Rd, Perkasie, PA 18944.

Voting Questions

Contact the Bucks County Board of Elections at 215-348-6154.

Tax Bill Questions

Place contact the Township Tax Collector (see website for information) or Bucks County Tax Assessment Office at 215-348-6219.

Emergency Responders

For all emergencies please call 911. Emergency responders will be dispatched by the 911 call center. Emergency repsonders servicing Bedminster Township are Dublin, Ottsville, and Plumsteadville Fire Companies, Point Pleasant-Plumsteadville, Upper Bucks and Grandview Hosiptal EMS. Please review our Community Outreach List under the Contact tab.


Several Township developments have public walking/bike paths. There are also several sports associations in the area that have organized sports, you may contact them through the yellow pages, ask the school your child attends for more information, or review our Community Outreach List under the Contact tab. Currently the Township building has a walking path and discussions are taking place about future soccer and baseball fields being installed.


Land & Municipal Office

  • 432 Elephant Rd Perkasie, PA 18944
  • Phone: 215-249-3320
  • Fax: 215-249-8270
  • Hours: 8am to 4pm, Mon. – Fri.

Police Department

  • 3112 Bedminster Rd PO Box 111 Bedminster, PA 18910
  • Phone: 215-795-2972
  • Fax: 215-795-2034