Resale Use & Occupancy

Resale Use & Occupancy permits are required for transfer of ownership of residential properties in Bedminster Township. The fee is $60, and an inspection by the Zoning Officer is required prior to issuance of the Use & Occupancy permit. The application can be downloaded here. Additionally, if the property has an on-lot septic system, a septic company is required to pump and inspect the septic system and complete the Pumper Report and Inspection Report. INSPECTIONS CANNOT BE SCHEDULED UNTIL THE TOWNSHIP RECEIVES A COMPLETED APPLICATION AND PAYMENT. PAYMENT FOR ALL TRANSACTIONS MUST BE A CHECK, MONEY ORDER OR EXACT CHANGE CASH. WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT OR DEBIT CARDS.


Ordinance #206 Controlling and regulating occupancy of properties in which title of ownership is transferred.

*Frequently asked questions: “What if the septic system doesn’t pass inspection/is known to be a failed system that requires replacement or repair?”

In this case, the Township can issue a temporary use and occupancy permit. This involves a sworn statement being drafted after inspection, which the new owner(s) have to sign and have notarized. This document sets forth the time frame requirements in which to acquire Health Department permitting and get the system repaired or replaced.

“My property has public sewer. What do I do with the two page septic pumper/inspection report?”

Simply discard it! Please do not send us back the blank form. We can easily determine if your property has public or private on site septic. If you have public sewer, you will need to arrange for a final water and sewer certification from the Bedminster Municipal Authority. This two page form only gets completed if you have an on-lot septic system. Use any septic company that is appropriately licensed in the state of Pennsylvania to pump sewage and inspect the system and have them complete the form.


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Police Department

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